Dock 83′s practice room releaseshow last night, featuring WRECKAGE as well. This was fun. Have a listen at Dock’s new EP over at or iTunes or one track at Spotify because that application broke the digi files for some reason. Physical copies online at!


“Mixing metalcorevibes with their dark sound, this band makes sure to
punch you with every riff. Expect singalongs and breakdowns done by nice
guys, who will literally do air jumps every ten seconds”

DOCK 83′s EP ‘Sentient’ available now on limited CD via the known address:

This morning we announced signing Dock 83 to Smithsfoodgroup DIY. This young, Dutch hardcore band with loads of modern metal influences, has slowly been building a name for themselves for their energetic live shows within the local scene and are genuienly a pleasure to work with. New EP coming next month, check them out friends. Their latest single ‘Day By Day’ is on Youtube.

Last night was so much fun. We celebrated the release of Oakheart’s debut demo at ACU with support by Dock 83 and Gloria Lewis. D83 will release their new EP with us too, next month. I’ll put a few of these promo CD-Rs in store later, they can be picked up for a euro or two next week at our stall at Rolo Tomassi’s show at Utrecht (25) and on Smashfest (27) too. Listen to Oakheart at

Jazzcore is one of those genres without boundaries if we ever saw one. Proud to bring you Mary Fields’ excellent debut album on distro from the band.

Hailing from the Dutch city of Utrecht, this band is not for the faint hearted. Keep a weirded out mix of Rolo Tomassi, Horse the Band and Joe Cocker in mind when sticking ‘Flawless Victory Over Movement’ into your CD player and prepare to be blown away.