As some of you might know, I got the above pictured Holy Roar logo tattooed on my leg last summer. While the primary meaning of this tattoo is pretty straight forward, expressing my love for both Holy Roar Records and The New Hopes New Demonstrations album by The Ghost of a Thousand, there is something more to it. This scene has brought me easy friendships and sense of belonging. There is no other culture in music which gets people driving a few hours just to see a band play for twenty minutes. There also is no other culture which gets people so angry and vocal on their disapproval. Despite this, I am quite shocked by recent events, such as bands bully gays on stage or promotors calling out bands because the band isn’t DIY enough. Fuck that. If hardcore is about one thing, it’s about supporting what you love, who you love and what you fight for. We all spend our money on music, merch and travels. We are in this together.