It’s safe to say we are knackered. On Thursday eve, Jeffrey and I got on a coach from the Hague (NL) to London. We arrived at 5.30 local time and divided our time between landmarks, record stores and feeling miserable on the curb with another can of Monster. The goal of this trip? Pariso’s last show ever, at The Unicorn, Camden.

PARISO has been a major factor in creating a label out of Smithsfoodgroup. We’ve had the pleasure of booking them several shows throughout the years and the launch of their surprise second album, a.o. on cassette through us, is a landmark. SFG001. Sold out on those within 11 hours of the release. They’ve done some amazing songs, shirts and release formatting. Cassettes? Square flexis? Fucking credit card shaped CDs? 5" vinyl? Playable postcards? You bet.

While British “new” hardcore flourished over the past years with mixing old skool with metal, screamo, black and jazzy influences, the era of inovation is slowly grinding to a halt. Compared to, say, five years ago, there are less heavy bands jamming in their mom’s garage. But the foundation laid by bands such as Pariso, Throats, Rolo Tomassi, Run Walk, Kerouac, Last Witness, Crocus, Kasa, Battle For Paris and what not stays solid. Holy Roar and COF amongst others such as Tangled Talk and LTD continuously sign and release amazing bands our age.

The Unicorn was packed for Pariso and as much as I hope it’ll take 20 years before they call it quits (after gloriously slaying Maryland, Ieperfest, Groezrock, Graspop, Hevy, Download and what more), I wish the same response to and fun from Employed To Serve, Svalbard, Eulogy, Oblivionized, Ithaca, Yards, Artemis, Human Future, Vales, We Never Learned To Live, Old Skin etc. etc. etc. because the new UK tide is a strong one.

Thank you Pariso, Employed To Serve, Daggers, Svalbard, hostel Justine & Sammy and Sammy’s mum, Jamie’s pizza, Stu for our records, Mazz for the shirt, Kurt for the hugs, all the people I’d never met before but finally and awkwardly shook hands with and sleepy Jeffrey for a night that I, as a visitor, too will never forget.


– this is written on a phone from a bus so f u typos.

RELEASE DAY! The PARISO & Svalbarduk tape is out NOW. All pre-orders (thank you!) shipped this morning. Stream the beast over at Rocksound and order it at ours, about 14 left: // stream and read:


British experimental hiphop outfit Sleep Beggar, featuring Jamie Burne of Bastions fame, teams up with upcoming Dutch jazzcore band Mary Fields for a joined release. ‘Paean / Monody’ will be released digitally and on tape viaSmithsfoodgroup DIY. Pre-orders are now live using, highly limited numbers available. Pushing genre boundaries to new extremes, this is a super fun release for all fans of underground hiphop, noise, Rolo Tomassi, spoken word and all other bleak things in life. Stream tracks later today exclusively via our friends in Smash Press!

And we are again stoked to be working with PARISO and our new friends in Svalbarduk (Svalbard) for a tape release of their new, joined album. With both bands bringing their best to date to the table, UK hardcore has never looked so good. Find tapes via and check with Tangled Talk RecordsThrough Love RecSwarm Of nails and Holy Ground Records for awesome vinyl versions.