Selling some 7″, 10″ and 12″ vinyl + cassettes

Dear all. Yesterday half of my laptop’s screen broke off. I basically really need the money to get a new / decent second hand computer, thus I’m selling some of my music collection. Please shoot me a message if you’re interested in one of these, most have sold out long ago. All are in mint condition. Thank you.

Jackals – Jackals (Holy Roar Records, green with grey, /300)
Run,WALK! / Sirs split (Holy Roar Records, marble, /250)
De Staat – Wait For Evolution (Excelsior Records, ?)
Architects / Dead Swans split (Thirty Days of Night Records, clear with red splatter, /200)
Conor Oberst – Souled Out!!! (Wichita Recordings, etched, ?)
Anti-Flag – The Bright Lights of America (RCA, ?)
Redjetson – The Unraveling (Try Harder Records, /500)
Reverend and the Makers – He Said He Loved Me (PIAS, ?)
HEALTH – Perfect Skin (Suicide Squeeze,transparent blue, ?)
Gallows – Staring at the Rude Bois (Warner, red, ?)
Gallows – Abandon Ship (Warner, etched, ?)
Gallows – Death is Birth (Thirty Days of Night, black, /100)
Title Fight – Flood of ‘72 (Side One Dummy Records, ?)
Ravachol / We Came Out Like Tigers split (CYTCYB Records, forest green, /250
Auf der Maur – Taste You (EMI, purple, ?)
Left in Ruins – Breathless Restless Hopeless (ADS records,white, /200)

Johnny Flynn – Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Transgressive Records,black with white label, /?)

Strife – Witness A Rebirth (Holy Roar Records, white with red splonge, /100)
Blakfish – Champions (Big Scary Monsters, /?)
Thursday – Common Existence (Epitaph, 2LP, ?)
Refused – Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent (Burning Heart, white, /3000)
Rosa Valle – Holy Bermuda (Big Scary Monsters Records, white with drawing, /300)
Crocus – Our Memories Dress Me in a Dead Lust (Holy Roar Records, green/brown mix, /100)
VA – This is Suck City Not L.A. (Thingamajigger, ?. Compilation w/ a.o. Agnostic Front, H2O, 50 Lions)
Comeback Kid – Symptoms + Cures (Victory Records, white, ?)

Pine Barrens – Demo 2010 (Power Negi Records, /66)
Lavotchkin – Love, Loathe, Repeat 2005 – 2012 (Church of Fuck, /100)


For those of you who didn’t catch last night’s first play of our new single ‘Last June’ on the Radio 1 Rock show with Daniel P. Carter you can now download the track for free above.