Smithsfoodgroup DIY Black Friday sale

Happy Thanksgiving, America. Black Friday sale is big and if you’re rich(-ish) and feel empty inside, consider donating to Native American charities, local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, refugee centers… Share the wealth.


We’ve discounted most of our still available “older” releases in the webshop.


The Age of Mathrock (Mary Fields/Howls/The Prestige/Dead Pedals) 4-way split CS
Atlas – Blush 12″
Artemis / GOD MOTHER – split 7″
Bait – Sunburst 12″
Cavalcades – One Down For Youth’s Ideals 12″
Dead Neanderthals – Prime CS
The Deadnotes – I’ll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face 12″
Dock 83 – Sentient CD
Dock 83 / Wreckage – Silently, I Will Collapse CD
Drawbacks – Common Impairments 12″
Employed To Serve – Greyer Than You Remember CS
The Fifth Alliance – Dead Poems 12″
Fit For The Bleeding – Est. Today CS
Gewoon Fucking Raggen – Bruja 12″
Ilenkus – Hunger 7″
Meadows – Il Risveglio CD
Michel Anoia – Plethora 12″
Old Skin – Like Crows CS
Rites – Rites CS
Rites – Inner Plagues CD
Run Like Hell – Fortunate souls | Wretched World CD
Run Like Hell / Traces Of You – split CS
Scared Of Everything – 2016 CS
UVB-76 / Stirrings Still – split CS
WRCKG – Lost In Confusion CD
2 Years To Apocalypse – Dissonance sunglasses
2 Years To Apocalypse – Dissonance CD
2 Years To Apocalypse – The Midas Touch CD