BWP comes back to Europe this summer! I’ll be seeing them for the second time this year at IEPER. Dordrecht last time was sick. You can also catch them in Eindhoven! 

Not sure if I can still make it to Ieper this year ‘cause of moving/job all that, but it’d be nice to see them with Louis at some point. 


Instead of having drinks this weekend I spend it all at the Pink Mist stall at Groezrock.

– Listener – Wooden Heart 12" (Tangled Talk Records, clear with green splonge, 1/300)

– Goodtime Boys – Are We Now, Or Have We Ever Been 12" (Tangled Talk Records, second pressing, coke bottle with green splatter, 1/150)

– Kerouac / The Long Haul split CD (Tangled Talk Records)

– Brutality Will Prevail – Sleep Paralysis CD (Holy Roar Records)