Second Guessing premiere new single, new EP out soon

Sometimes you’re extra-extra proud of a release that you’ve been playing a tiny part in. Second Guessing’s new EP is one of those special ones. The Dutch band’s first EP was one of our earlier releases and can still be found on all decent streaming sites. SG went quiet a couple years ago but is now back with a vengance. Without further ado: listen to ‘De Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie’ at Incubate including a little write-up and pre-order the new EP here on vinyl. Screamo fance, rejoice.



Forza, to the Smithsfoodgroup DIY BigCartel




Port Violette debut EP available on cassette

What do you get when you mix Norma Jean with a whiff of trap? Quite possibly Almere’s lovechild Port Violette. Soundcloud rappers gone mathcore. Self-titled debut EP available now on Smithsfoodgroup DIY, grab one via the webshop, they’re highly limited and we cannot wait to hear more of this brand new Dutch outfit!

Annual “Friends and Family” compilation now available

It’s December 11th, time for our annual, free, compilation album release! Grab that baby via Bandcamp and have yourself a merry little listen.


The sampler contains tracks by bands we’ve worked with over 2018, will work with in 2019 or would like to work with at some point in time. There’s even a few premieres going on, such as the first track by new Dutch band Hex!


Grab a download here. All rights are reserved to the respective bands and Smithsfoodgroup DIY.

Smithsfoodgroup DIY Black Friday sale

Happy Thanksgiving, America. Black Friday sale is big and if you’re rich(-ish) and feel empty inside, consider donating to Native American charities, local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, refugee centers… Share the wealth.


We’ve discounted most of our still available “older” releases in the webshop.


The Age of Mathrock (Mary Fields/Howls/The Prestige/Dead Pedals) 4-way split CS
Atlas – Blush 12″
Artemis / GOD MOTHER – split 7″
Bait – Sunburst 12″
Cavalcades – One Down For Youth’s Ideals 12″
Dead Neanderthals – Prime CS
The Deadnotes – I’ll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face 12″
Dock 83 – Sentient CD
Dock 83 / Wreckage – Silently, I Will Collapse CD
Drawbacks – Common Impairments 12″
Employed To Serve – Greyer Than You Remember CS
The Fifth Alliance – Dead Poems 12″
Fit For The Bleeding – Est. Today CS
Gewoon Fucking Raggen – Bruja 12″
Ilenkus – Hunger 7″
Meadows – Il Risveglio CD
Michel Anoia – Plethora 12″
Old Skin – Like Crows CS
Rites – Rites CS
Rites – Inner Plagues CD
Run Like Hell – Fortunate souls | Wretched World CD
Run Like Hell / Traces Of You – split CS
Scared Of Everything – 2016 CS
UVB-76 / Stirrings Still – split CS
WRCKG – Lost In Confusion CD
2 Years To Apocalypse – Dissonance sunglasses
2 Years To Apocalypse – Dissonance CD
2 Years To Apocalypse – The Midas Touch CD



Group Of Man – This Isn’t Hardcore compilation album available now

Compilation album by Group Of Man, your favorite British screaming rockstars, containing 23 tracks including the all new ‘Tell Me Nothing‘.

‘This Isn’t Hardcore’ was released in silence for the humongous three week European tour that saw Group Of Man play everywhere, from Romania to the Netherlands and back again to their native England. The CD includes all recorded tracks by the band so far, including the long sold out EPs ‘We Are Good People’ and ‘World Peace Champions’. Only one box of CDs left for sale online via Smithsfoodgroup DIY.

Comes in a digipack, also available in a bundle with the “What We Got In Common” full length 12″ (2018) and the “Always Looming 7” (2017).

Get it in the webshop

SFG to release to live among wolves debut EP

‘living.losing’ is the first testament of one of The Netherlands’ hardest working new hardcore bands: to live among wolves.

Our latest signing brings five guys together, all with a background in the hardcore scene of Zeeland – the south west region of the Netherlands where SFG was born into too, which earlier on spew out bands such as Rites and Run Like Hell. This new outfit plays abrasive hardcore that’s both calculated and chaotic, covering themes such as personal struggle, politics and religion in their lyrics. ‘living.losing’ was recorded in the small town of Bergen Op Zoom which is a city in our eyes. First single “All Victims” premiered online on October 5th.

For fans of La Dispute, Touche Amore, Defeater. CD comes in a digipack casing.

If you don’t have Paypal and are Dutch, please reach out via smithsfoodgroupdiy[a]gmail[.]com

Check Holy See / Vatican City as your country for me to hand the order over to you in person- no shipping costs will be charged.

Group Of Man – What We Got In Common to be released May 18

Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl! Debut 12″ by Britain’s finest Group Of Man: ‘What We Got In Common’. Released on all black heavyweight vinyl by Smithsfoodgroup DIY and Future Voide Records, with all digitals being handled by Holy Roar Records. The full album is now streaming up at Idioteq.

Following up to 2017’s ‘Always Looming’ 7″, WWGIC is a huge step up for the band, which is made up of (ex-)members of Apologies, I Have None, MINE, Hang The Bastard, Pariso, Hammers and a heap of other UKHC low-key legends. A Group Of Man, if you will.

To be released on May 18 (UK), Euro shipping late May.

– 250 copies on 180gr. black vinyl

Go to the Smithsfoodgroup DIY webshop