Never thought we’d have a year with 20 shows and 12 releases, but here we are. We’ve got 7 releases planned for 2016 already and that’s pretty sick; couldn’t have done this without all your likes, kind words, purchases, visits, recommendations and support. Next September we’ll be five year old and still tiny: you’ve driven us keep on doing this. Don’t think the smallest kindness goes unnoticed.

Cheers to all the bands that have put their faith in us to (help them) release their music this year: Artemis, Second Guessing, Run Like Hell, Rites, Yards, WE ARE DUST, Astrid Lindgren, 2 Years to Apocalypse, Employed To Serve, None Shall Fall, Dead Neanderthals, The Fifth Alliance, OAKHEART, Dock 83 and WRECKAGE, as well as a.o. Monomentum Collective, LTD Records, WOOAAARGH, WISHBONE DIY, Truthseeker Music and Holy Roar Records.

We couldn’t have done this year without the support of a.o. Moss and Jur for putting up with bands to sleep, Mike and the ACU crew, Desiree, Menno, Mattias and the Capsloc crew, Vincent at Incubate, Louisa at Northcote, Sammy and Justine for putting us up in London, Hayo at White Room Reviews, Lewis at UK Scumscene, Mike at Punktastic, Sebastiaan at Error Error, Tim at Legends Arising, Koen at Dutchscene, Lisa at Taarten van Jansen, Adm at Stay Classy Tattoo, all people we should have thanked too and (we are adults now!) our fams at home.

Cheers, don’t drink and drive and keep your animals safe, see you on the flipside!

Jeffrey and Maartje