Track of the Week: Kvelertak – 1985

What Norwegian black ‘n’ rollers Kvelertak did in 2010 was surely something. Their uncompromising sound of black metal, rock ‘n’ roll and punk grabbed the listeners by the balls and slapped them in their face. At times, the band feels like an heavy metal history channel spiked up with some blackened metal sauce, but the six-piece is much more than just that.

Kvelertak was praised for smashing boundaries and building bridges between multiple genres and even subgenres, but I feel that this doesn’t give the band the credit they deserve. Sure, they can jump soundwise from AC/DC to Thin Lizzy to Satyricon to Carcass, but Kvelertak is more then ‘just’ that. On their eponymous debut album their gambit was the element of surprise; nobody expected a punkvibe mixed with buzzsaw guitars, blastbeats and even atmospheric sounds.

Their second album, Meir, contained basically the same receipe for about 85-90%. They freshend things up by adding some stoner sounding guitarparts and even poppy-hooks, while going a bit more in depth with the classic-rock parts. While it didn’t had the impact their deputalbum had, the record really grew on me months after it was released.

So now they’re back! They will release their third record Nattesferd somewhere in May. And while Nattesferd sounds a but dull (it looks a bit like “nat paard” in Dutch, which translate to “wet horse”), I’m sure it’ll mean something epic and it contains songs about vikings, witchburnings, ancient Gods, vikings killing vikings and a shining galaxy. First single ‘1985’ sounds like their take on, well surprisingly, 1985 and this sounds like Van Halen playing a bit slower, heavier and groovier. And darker. Never forget darker. The main riff reminds me a bit of Baroness last record (which was insanely good!). Decide for yourself: