Track of the Week: John Coffey – No House For Thee

Each weekend one of us has a pick of their Track of the Week. Last time Jeffrey served you Neverman, this time Maartje recommends a single that has actually been released the week before: John Coffey’s ‘No House For Thee’.


Outgrowing the punk scene in the Netherlands is pretty small. We do have some great hardcore bands, a few pretty big metal acts and bands that do underground shows to die for. But actually big? Not so much. John Coffey is a welcome exception. I saw the band play for my first time when they turned WATT (a long gone venue in Rotterdam) upside down with The Ghost Of A Thousand and Cancer Bats. JC fits perfect to The Ghost’s sound, even recorded their second album with Jag. It was only at that show I realized I had seen their guitar player play a hundred times at school shows and own a demo of his teenage band. Weird.

Anyway,  the band eventually got elected to play Groezrock, performed one of the most fun sets of that weekend and I ended up between the faces on the back of that second LP. Bright Companions launched JC directly into extensive European tours and both local and international success. Well deserved, as it easily matches effords by all sorts of European and English hardhitters. The band explained good clean (beer drenched) fun to both punk rock lovers and comtemporary festival fans alike.

To drop a serious track as ‘No House For Thee’ is upon the heigth of your wave and to utilize your voice without being preach-y, that’s pretty damn special. With the new single, video and accompanying artwork, John Coffey takes a stand against the us versus them mentality lots of people express regarding refugees. There should always be a house for them. And honestly, I was just gonna write about old school Brand New for a bit today. But there are Pegida posters plastered outside my home too. Even in the Netherlands, people who happen to be born somewhere else are threated like dirt. So yeah, to have people utilize their voice against this and do so in a killer track: most welcome.