Track of the Week: Deftones – Prayers/Triangles

Track of the Week: Deftones – Prayers/Triangles

Hi There! We’re trying something new here and allthough I’m guessing the title says it all, I still like to sorta introduce it. As of today, we try to highlight one track of the past week on every sunday. This first one is Jeffrey’s pick, next week Maartje will highlight her track of that week, and so on.


So. They’re back! People who know me good, know that 65daysofstatic is my favorite band, but Deftones is a close second. Of course, it’s not a contest, but I’m so happy that they’re finally back. After their last record Koi No Yokan, frontman Chino Moreno was busy with two side-projects. He recorded an album with three members of the now defunct post-metal band Isis as Palms and explored his more electronic side with Crosses, a band that features members of Far and another Moreno-sideproject: Team Sleep.

On those records (both the Crosses and the Palms albums were selftitled) Moreno sang in a slightly different way compared to the tracks on Koi No Yokan, just like that record and it’s predecessor, Diamond Eyes, differ slightly from eachother.  While listening to the new single, ‘Prayers/Triangles’, looks like those sideprojects I mentioned earlier influenced Moreno more or less, both atmospherically and sonically.

Also, if ‘Prayers/Triangles’ is a good preview for Gore, than I’m guessing that the new record will be more in the style of Diamond Eyes. Though I’m okay with that, I’ll be happier with a combination of the styles of both last records, with some sideproject-influences thrown in for fun. ‘Prayers/Triangles’ is unmistakably Deftones and I really, REALLY like this song. So here you have it, our first Track of the Week: