Track of the Week: Architects – A Match Made In Heaven

Each weekend one of us has a pick of their Track of the Week. This time Maartje recommends a track that’s probably far too hyped for half our readers (listeners? What are you even?). Architects – A Match Made In Heaven


So yeah, I like metalcore. For it’s been important when I was 14 and I started to like music “with screams” and I imagine this is still the case for lots of youngsters out there. Shout out to myself for being into metal for 10+ years by now. There isn’t anything as good as seeing guys that are maybe one or two years older, raging on their flying V guitars and attempting to scream while cupping the microphone- the feeling live music gives you when it’s still a special thing to visit is indescribable. Going to less shows usually means lots more fun at the ones you do visit and that’s the death of hardcore in a nutshell, right there.

Now Architects, that’s one of those bands I actually rarely listen to. They are very good live and I’m sure the true genre fans can distinguish their songs but honestly? Lots of quality produced filler. And then ‘A Match Made In Heaven’ blew me away last week.

What sets Architects apart from other genre bands is their way of expressing beliefs through music. In a genre that’s far too often drowning in “poor me I am drowning now”, it’s refreshing to have a variety in topics. And they are pretty sympathetic too, aren’t they? Have never heard of anyone not being friends with this bunch of Brits. High five to Sam Carter, the king of the blegh.