Older stock added back to webshop

Older stock added back to webshop

A number of older releases, as well as a couple of distro items, have been added back to the webshop as one big bad item. Some are reduced in price too, have a gander here! Note: the kitten is most definitely not available.

12" vinyl Bait - Sunburst Barque - Pyre Builders Cavalcades - One Down For Youth's Ideals CLCKWS - Popular Polarization Conjurer & Pijn play Curse These Metal Hands The Deadnotes - I'll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face Drawbacks - Common Impairments Drawbacks - How We Feel The Fifth Alliance - Unrevealed Secrets Of Ruin The Fifth Alliance - Death Poems Group Of Man - What We Got In Common Howls - The Headache Michel Anoia - Plethora Second Guessing - Tijd Verdringt Torpor - Rhetoric Of Image Treehook

7" vinyl Adventures - Clear My Head With You God Mother / Artemis split Group Of Man - Always Looming Ilenkus - Hunger Listener - Being Empty : Being Filled II Rites - EPIII Shizune / Lytic split Tusky - Tusky

CD Arson - Let's Start a Fire Designer Violence - When Beauty Expires Fit For The Bleeding - War Behind These Walls Group Of Man - This Isn't Hardcore Meadows - Il Risveglio Run Like Hell - Fortunate Souls | Wretched World to live among wolves - Living.Losing WRCKG / Dock 83 - Silently, I Will Collapse 2 Years To Apocalypse - Dissonance

CS Absentees - Escape / Silence Dead Neanderthals - Prime Employed To Serve - Greyer Than You Remember Lungworm - Homo Plasticus Port Violette Run Like Hell / Traces Of You split