January 2021 news round-up: podcast and incoming new releases

January 2021 news round-up: podcast and incoming new releases

Keeping up with posting news on different channels is hard. So, apologies for the silence on our Main Website, here's what we have done and will be doing soon.

With Covid ruining all our plans for shows and delaying multiple releases, we decided early October 2020 to run a charity sale to support the Dutch food banks. All our releases were sold with 50-100% of all proceeds (including initial wholesale cost for us!) being donated. This was a success and it felt good to finally be able to do something tangible. The Netherlands have just started vaccinating, it'd be awesome if we could celebrate our upcoming 10-year anniversary this autumn but it's endlessly more of a priority for everyone to stay safe and healthy; and for all our peers who are under immense financial pressure by now to get back to their feet.

What we have done during the past months is record podcast. You know, just like everyone's mum, cousin or weird neighbor.

The "This Isn't Hardcore Podcast" has four episodes so far. You're able to easily find it on Spotify or Soundcloud. It's fully in Dutch (sorry) and features a changing panel of SFG members and (hopefully soon!) friends.

Then: upcoming Real Releases! As everyone who has pre-ordered or follows our socials knows: the To Adelaide debut record vinyl release has hit multiple delays. The records are currently finally really being pressed and should be with us within the next 2-3 weeks. The delays were Covid-related and honestly we're pretty excited to still be able to release at all- this is a fantastic album and you can already check it out on all major streaming services.

Another record that's already up on streaming services for a while is Belgium's A Point Of Protest's debut album. 'Thoughts of a Dying Man' is getting The Vinyl Treatment by the band with help of a number of labels, including ours! More news on this soon.

Lastly, we have releases upcoming for two English bands, both on 12" vinyl and one of these on our favorite format cassette as well. Spoiler on the Releases tab.

Actually lastly: we commissioned new SFG artwork and that'll be here on short notice too.

Talk soon and thank you for all the continuous support,


For real lastly: this perfect cat is called Sumac. Yes, that one.