Best nine of 2010 – 2015 according to: Maartje

Best nine of 2010 – 2015 according to: Maartje

So it’s the last day of 2015 and Jeffrey and I, Maartje, both decided to post out our Best Nine Records Of The First Half Of The Tens today. Keeping them a secret from each other, to see if and how much we’d have in common. While compiling my list, I came to the conclusion that in reality 2008 and 2009 were the best years ever and that I can’t fully judge on 2015 vs. time yet. Over the past few years I’ve kind of build on my appetite for loud music and hiphop, often stemming from these nine modern basics.

Here’s my pick of essentials, not in order.

La Dispute – Wildlife

Their best album in my opinion is older than this one and that’s okay, because it made the anticipation for Wildlife rise to enormous levels. I love the concept of this album, I love how bleak it sounds and I love them cutting back on the ‘darlings’. Also however cliche it may be, ‘King Park’ is a modern classic.

Vales – Clarity

I loved Vales before they were Vales. One of the few Records I have multiple copies of and don’t regret that one bit. It’s what got them signed to 6131 and I personally prefer this release even over “the album” because this knocked me off my feet instantly.

Blood Red Shoes – Fire Like This

Their best, as far as I’m concerned. I learned about Rolo Tomassi and The Ghost of a Thousand via Blood Red Shoes, who always got stellar bands supporting them through the years. Immensely important band for where I am today, very nice people and underrated LP.

Kanye West – My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy

I never quite ‘got’ Kanye, then this was released and literally each track is spot on. Speckled with stars and an instant classic within not-underground hiphop.

PARISO – Nothing Beyond Everything After

Despite being angry and heavy, this was such a joyful release for me. One of the loudest records I own without “overscreaming” themselves, released in beautiful colorways and with very original packaging in thick cardboard. Heavy, as suits a heavy band. Spawned some of their best tracks and pulled me further into the whole British guitar thing.

Touche Amore – Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

If there’s not a “hardcore kid” between ages 20-30 that says this is a bad album, you’ve clearly made a record that will last for ages. I envision this album to have 10 year anniversary releases and nonsense like that in the future.

Rolo Tomassi – Cosmology

Ranking an album they’re not mega super fond of themselves amongst your best, huh? Why not, it only houses one of my favorite tracks ever (‘Party Wounds’) and cleary pulled them into more stardom. But this might all be because I like Diplo too. Probably their easiest album to get in to and to create that after the stellar Hysterics is a big effort that they 100% nailed.

Kendrick Lamar – GOOD Kid M.A.A.D. City

What TA is to hardcore, Kendrick is to hiphop.

Drake – Take Care

So when I was 11, I got into an all out war with classmates because they liked R&B and I was all about Bon Jovi. I liked ‘Houstatlantavegas’ because it was cool to like it, but only picked up Take Care after people purchased it in the record store I used to work at. One of the better decisions of my life. Knocks Frank Ocean out of this list by 0,1% just for giving this album actual follow ups.