After Smashfest update

Hi everyone. Smashfest 2017 last night was fun, the smoothest edition we’ve ever had and I wanted to thank each and everyone who’s been a part of it. Whether that’s bands, volunteers, visitors, artwork, promo. It’s been great so thank you.

The morning after is also the right time to announce that after the already announced August 26th show and the to-be-announced November 18th show we are likely done with booking bands. There might be a third one and there’s always labelbands that we’re going to try to get out there, but that’s it.

The label is still in full effect, or course, and I’d highly recommend you listen to a track of our latest release by Group Of Man, it’s up at Sam from Earth Moves took the vinyl copies with him from England so we received them yesterday, they turned out great.

Please stop adding us on our personal pages when you don’t know us, stating “hi I need a show next week can you make it work”. It’s stressful as hell. If you do this to others: just quit it all together.

A big big thank you to everyone who’s ever helped us along the way. Will hopefully see you in August, November or at someone else’s show. Don’t let weird hardcore skip the Netherlands again.

See you on the side of the pit eh. Thank you.