About us

Smithsfoodgroup DIY is a small Dutch record label ran by Maxim, Jeffrey, Moss, Hayo, Laetitia and you. We are primarily focused on releasing heavy, independent music and are proud to be outspoken on social issues.
'SFG' was established in September 2011 when we hosted a show for Run, WALK! (UK) and Dead Neanderthals (NL) in Amsterdam. We’re not putting on much at the moment nor are releasing a WHOLE LOT as this is just another bedroom ran record label, but we're enjoying our amazing hobby and want to thank you lots for being a part of it, no matter how big or small.

Logo designed by: Rutger van Aken (Rainy Day Illustrations). Please contact us for high res versions and / or versions without the 'This Isn't Hardcore' capture.
'This Isn't Hardcore' phrase inspired by Group Of Man.

DIY = Do It Yogether