TORPOR – Rhetoric Of The Image pre-order online right now!

TORPOR will release their genre defining second album, ‘Rhetoric Of The Image’ on September 20th 2019 on 2×12” vinyl. Having the band over in the Netherlands on multiple occasions, including playing at the legendary Incubate festival (RIP), we’re so excited to be a part of this release.

TORPORPre-orders for the vinyl, pressed eco-friendly with scraps as to create different color combinations, launch this Thursday, July 25th on Truthseeker Music, The Sludgelord, Smithsfoodgroup DIY, Moment of Collapse Records and Medusa Crush Recordings. Steam the first track over at Cvlt Nation.

“From the chiming, labyrinthine melancholia and claustrophobic depths of ‘Benign Circle’ to the achingly slow unfurling and savage, lumbering swing of ‘Enigmatic Demand’, ending climactically with the achingly beautiful, hypnotic and unstoppably triumphant drive of ‘Mourning The Real’, all tied with a harrowing, guttural vocal lament. This is the sound of a band continuing to push themselves into ever higher sonic climbs; the trembling, swelling synths, spoken word poetics and clean vocal melodies of ‘Two Heads On Gold’ and ‘Mouths Full Of Water, Throats Full of Ice’ extending tendrils into lush, cinematic soundscapes, providing caesurae from the raging, bleak tempest of their heavier depths.”

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