New Listener (USA) 7″ exclusively on sale via Smithsfoodgroup DIY

Super excited to say we have the all new Listener 7″ on exclusive Dutch distro via Black Basset Records.

We’ve been fans of Listener for a long time and are bringing the first volume of ‘Being Empty : Being Filled’ to the Netherlands. This is the blue Euro version of the vinyl, a red American version is available via the band.

If you’re in Belgium, please get this one from Black Basset Records. If you’re in Germany, please get this one from Kings Road. If you’re in the United Kingdom, please get this one from Truthseeker Music and if you’re from another European country and like your labels a bit less DIY (but still very cool!), get it from Deathwish Europe.

This first volume 7″ contains two brand new Listener songs, taken from the upcoming full-length ‘Being Empty : Being Filled’.

This 7″ is to be released on July 28th and will start shipping around this time.

500x red vinyl (USA)
500x blue vinyl (EUROPE)

1. Pent Up Genes
2. Little Folded Fingers

Take me to the webshop!



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