Track of the week: O’Brother – Your Move

Indie post-hardcore/postrock outfit O’Brother was one of the supportacts on Thrice’s farewell tour and with their debut record ‘Garden Window’ released the same year, they looked ready for Thrice’s heritage. Their sophomore album  ‘Disillusion’ saw them boost a change in sound: think Alice in Chains playing sludgy posthardcore.

It was a more then subtle change, but it fitted the fivepiece. The change was not only soundwise, but also in depth: more than on their debut they dared to play with silence and they dared to play with loudness. It was a record that could grow on you.

Now the band from Atlanta, Georgia is back with their third record: ‘Endless Light’. This album sounds like Radiohead and Deftones teaming up for a Hard Rock record, but somehow I’m not sure it that does the sound enough justice. Hell, O’Brother is not the first band who combines indie, post-hardcore, post-rock and alternative rock, but few bands sound so good and natural while doing this.

And few bands have such a large spectrum of influences: from Converge to Mogwai, from Thrice to Jeff Buckley and from Torche to Sigur Rós, while they list Radiohead, Neurosis, Cave in and ISIS as their favourite artists.  ‘Endless Light’ shows a shift in songwriting and the clear production gives it something extra. It might even be a contender for album of the year.



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