If I’m going to go, I won’t go quietly. I’ll make sure you remember this face, I’ll make sure my voice rattles these walls, I’ll make sure the last battle is a fierce and loud one. If anything I ever said stuck with you please know it was never out of arrogance but out of experiences I wish I didn’t have to go through for the most part. We may not know each other or have ever met but I always stood behind you 100% in being the best version of yourself you could be even if those around you didn’t appreciate your change. I regret nothing. I hated almost everyone. I criticized myself before others. I was honest with everything I did even if it hurt. If there’s any advice I have its this: follow the clouds, make mistakes, don’t be scared, it’s all gonna hurt one way or another. Live hard, love something with everything in you, and don’t forget to laugh. Adios.

We’ve citized a.o. Wally over the past years at times where the topic was crowd killing and heavy moshing at shows but this- this is it. This is the feeling that unites all of us within the scene. Thanks for the beautiful words dude.

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