EOTY #9 – Maartje (Smithsfoodgroup DIY)


We’re closing in on the end of our small #EOTY series, with pt. 9, written by half of us: Maartje.


Alright, I’ve expressed my gratitude towards all of the bands and volunteers we were able to work with in 2015 more times than I can remember. This doesn’t take away from the fact that this year has been a great one for both music in general and Smithsfoodgroup DIY in particular. That’s thanks to the lot of you.

My favorite releases were by Citizen, Svalbard, Employed To Serve, Rolo Tomassi, Old Skin, Swain, We Never Learned To Live, Oblivionized, Pariso, Ithaca, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and the 4-way split we put out ourselves (dare I say it) with Yards, Rites, Astrid Lindgren and We Are Dust. I know this list sounds for about 10/13 sucking up on people we’ve worked with / our friends and idgaf: step up your game and listen to their music.

As far as Smithsfoodgroup DIY goes, I’m stoked to have Jeffrey back on this team again. We met early this year for drinks and got things started right away by meeting up with 2 Years To Apocalypse after. With the signing of them, Dock 83 and Wreckage to the label, we’ve expanded a little more into the melodical side of music. I’m enjoying being able to do this: like all the best labels, sticking to one sub-sub-sub genre is boring. In 2015 we’ve ventured more into the Dutch market (Rites! Run Like Hell! Oakheart! Second Guessing! Gewoon Fucking Raggen! The Fifth Alliance!) too as prior to this, about 80 percent of our sales went to the UK. We’ve stocked our distro and will continue to expand this next year, as well as finally releasing on vinyl and intensifying our relationship with certain labels and artists. The fact that people put their trust in us baffles me- there are so many options?! It’s great to see this scene isn’t dying off like literally everybody feared it would some day soon.

But the truth for me is, I haven’t spend much time at other shows this year. The only shows I got tickets to or worked at were headlined by Swain, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Pariso, Brand New, Fall Out Boy and Garbage. Out of these, I really-really loved Swain, Pariso and Garbage. Got tickets for Citizen, Opgezwolle, Pvris and Jimmy Carr in 2016.

The two best things music-wise in 2015 were the mini-tour we were able to host for Rolo Tomassi and Employed to Serve, and Jeffrey and me’s trip to London to see Pariso’s last show. Really enjoyed both and surely didn’t think I’d be able to work with a band that I admire so much (RT) when we started SFG. Smashfest had a succesful edition too this year and we were freaking able to do a Friday night showcase at Incubate with CONVERGE headlining. Crazy. Can’t really comprehent, still.

Shout out to all the amazing people and bands we’ve worked with this year, the volunteers of ACU and Capsloc, the labels we’ve met, people who thought us spinning Kanye during DJ sets was any good, the people cooking us food or having stalls at our shows, technicians(!) to make it sound cool, people who’ve opened their HOMES to bands to let them sleep, the bands sporting our shirts or being generally amazing… nice one. You know who you are.

On to the next one. Cheers, fam.

P.s. I got married in 2015, purchased a house and visited America too!



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