EOTY #8 – Jeffrey (Wishbone DIY)

jeffreyJeffrey of WISHBONE DIY, Of Last Productions and Second Guessing (RIP). This guy shot sets and the aftermovie of 2015’s Smashfest, was part of one of our favorite tape releases to date and has just started his own DIY label. It’s great to see that we’re finally getting some sort of miniature label culture in the Netherlands and working with Jeffrey has been a blast so far. Think he’s going to do some bigger things next year… can’t wait!


Best releases this year: 

The ‘Home Remedy’ EP from Columbus is a real banger. For me, it’s the perfect mix between emo and punk-rock. It kinda reminds me of the older work of Title Fight.

Turnstile’s ‘Nonstop Feeling’ is already a classic.

The S/T from Yacht Club is absolutely mint. I think they’re my favorite UK band at the moment. My buddy Mike from Mad Addiction got them on his roster, so I hope he can bring them to the Netherlands very soon.

My all time favorite screamo band Raein released a split with this band called Ampere. I don’t know what it is with Italian screamo, I can’t understand a word they’re saying (screaming) but I love it so much.

OH! I almost forgot: There is a Dutch rapper called Fresku, and his new album  ‘Nooit Meer Terug’ made me fall in love with hip-hop instantly.


Best shows:

Tiny Moving Parts is def the best show I’ve been to last year. They played in this small venue called ‘the Winston’ in Amsterdam and it was so happy and intense. They had this huge amount of energy on stage and for me it was just perfect.

I saw Mineral and You Blew It! on Groezrock last year. These two shows were definitely the best of the whole festival. It was so nice to see a legendary emo band like Mineral live. You Blew It! played this small stage and everybody was just messing around, the whole vibe was just so amazing.

And I had the chance to play with one of my favorite European screamo bands: Disembarked from Sweden, that was really cool too. It was in a small venue in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


Special moments:

Special moments in 2015? That was the whole summer tour I did with my old band Second Guessing. We had the chance to travel through Europe for 2,5 weeks and play 18 or so shows with the amazing guys in Vona (R.I.P). It was insane. (If you’re interested, you can watch the whole tour diary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQG5ghWyofQ).


Plans for next year:

Well, I just started this small DIY label called ‘WISHBONE DIY’ which I put a lot of effort in & really enjoy doing. I’m starting up some small music projects, so hopefully that’ll grow out into something beautiful. I’m busy with my video- and photography company Of Last Productions with my buddy Luuk. Hopefully we can shoot a lot of cool bands next year.

Oh yeah: trying to not fuck up school would be nice too.

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