EOTY #7 – Rick (Rites)

12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 rick2 rick1This guy grew up in the same area of the Netherlands as I did, listening to (or playing with) the same local bands that I did and yet we’ve never met until about 1.5 years ago. Rick and Rites in general have been a great help this year with the release of our “Age of Punkrock” 4-way split and the SFG label stall at Smashfest. He’s made a pretty elaborate list… loving it!


Maartje and Jeffrey asked me to write some words about 2015 to celebrate another year of music, SFG, love and the Smithsfoodgroup 2015 sampler.  2015 has been a good year for me, Rites and music. I will try to keep this purely about music, Rites and SFG but I want to say that I’m very happy about my life, girlfriend, friends and job (being a teacher rules!).

All right. Here we go: 12 posts/subject about 2015 written on a sunny Saturday in November 2015.


  • Best SFG DIY-releases of 2015!


I can’t pick one. So I picked three.

Run Like Hell – Fortunate Souls Wrecthed World.

Great friends and even (real) family. Great songs. Run Like Hell comes from the same area as Rites (we even shared a rehearsal-space). Jeroen did some guest vocals on the last Rites EP. I love to share the stage with them.

Go check them out if you’re into good groovy hardcore-songs.

Second Guessing – Cycles Of Disappointment

I heard a lot about these guys but never really checked them out until we played a show with them in Reeuwijk. Good hardcore songs with a screamo vibe. Too bad they broke up.

Yards – Rites – We Are Dust – Astrid Lindgren

It feels strange to put my own band up here but I just love this release. My good friend Dennis Menheere (www.dnz-artworks.com) did a great job with the Silver Surfer artwork and Yards, We Are Dust and Astrid Lindgren added awesome songs. Go listen to them!

  • Favorite 2015 concert.

This one is really hard. I saw a lot of great shows in 2015 but one really stuck out for me. AMERICAN NIGHTMARE! Everybody that has ever seen me wear shorts knows I’m a big AN-fan. Although a lot of people didn’t like their performance on Groezrock, I really enjoyed it. A few minutes before their show I bumped into Gilles. Gilles used to play bass in Teenage Lust and everybody that ever saw or heard that band can’t deny they were highly influenced by AN. I spend a lot of time on the road with Teenage Lust and because of this it felt really special to watch this show with him by my side.

Here’s a picture that shows a small portion of my AN/GUTG- collection.

  • Rites and new friends in 2015: Code Blue Coma

Last May we played a weekender with our German friends of When There Is None. They brought along the handsome lads of Code Blue Coma!

From that moment on I loved that band. Great songs, lovely people and a killer records. They recently recorded a new record in Rome. Go listen to their EP ‘Triumph Of Time⎜Corruption Of The Body’ and see them riff at Northcote!

Ps. Dave (their singer) is in another great band called Hollow Sons. Go listen to them as well!

  • Kids Insane

Corey of Kids Insane did some guest vocals on our Inner Plagues EP. He did a killer job and we just love Kids Insane. It feels really special to have him be part of our music. Hardcore/punk gives you the chance to meet great people and sometimes those people even record some lines for you all the way in Israel! Go buy their split with Slander (available through SFG)!

  • Favorite Rites-show of 2015

We played about 20 shows (including one with the almighty Slapshot) in 2015 and one really stuck out: The ‘Inner Plagues’ release show in our favorite bar: De Vrijbuiter, Goes. We invited our friends of Tarantino and Screw Houston and had the best time! A lot of friends showed up and they danced! Too bad Maartje wasn’t there but she had a great excuse: She got married that day!

  • Belgium music: Supergenius

I recently picked up the first Supergenius record in Ghent. I always loved Rise And Fall and I try to check out every band their members are part of. This record is really good! Great 90’s emo/Discord-vibe!

  • LTD-Records

This year Rites and SFG worked together with Will of LTD-records to release our split-tape and EP in the UK. He did a great job and we love to be part of his label! Screw Houston released their last record on LTD as well. Go check out Screw Houston and LTD-records!

  • I Could Float Here Forever without me in 2015

I played drums in ICFHF for about 3,5 years. In 2014 I parted ways with them right before they released Chrysalis (https://icouldfloathereforever.bandcamp.com/album/chrysalis). I love those guys and their music and I am very happy that my departure didn’t hold them back to record some great music in 2015. Go check out their soundtrack of ‘Twenty thousand leagues under the sea’: https://moonswingnetlabel.bandcamp.com/album/twenty-thousand-leagues-under-the-sea-appendix-a

  • Sparkle Unicorn 2.0

In 2015 I bought my new baby: The sparkle Unicorn 2.0 aka The Purple Unicorn. I love her.

  • Guilty pleasure

Not really a guilty pleasure ….. All my friends know I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift. Her songs on 1989 are all spot-on! The band doesn’t like it when I play her songs on the road so that’s always hard for them. Recently Ryan Adams covered the 1989 record and the rest of Rites likes that record a lot more. I love both versions!

  • Politics.

I’m a teacher and a lot of my lessons are about politics. 2015 was a difficult year in politics. There’s one big change that I really love: Same Sex marriage in the United States.

I know this subject is something Maartje and Jeffrey are really into so I just had to write something about this. Let love rule!

  • Taarten van Jansen

Rites loves food! In 2015 we discovered Taarten van Janssen and she loves Rites. Match made in (pie)heaven. Go check her out! Endorsement-deal?
That’s it. Let’s make 2016 something special.


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