Yards/Rites/We Are Dust/Astrid Lindgren split out and almost out

surfer1Four way punkrock split cassette, featuring Yards (UK), Rites (NL), We Are Dust (DE) and Astrid Lindgren (PL). Each bands deliver two to three tracks.

Split opener Yards, featuring late The Ghost of a Thousand vocalist Tom on mic duty, delivers new track ‘Capes Of Flesh’ alongside ‘You Might As Well Stab Me In The Face’. Astrid Lindgren from Poland follows up with the furious triple combo ‘Moc Wyrwac Sle Z Korzeni’, ‘Zadane W Afekcie’ and ‘Moje Powieki Porastaja Mchem’. On the flipside, Rites opens up with two tracks off of their forthcoming EP. ‘Hell’ features Kids Insane’s vocalist Corey, followed by ‘Obligations’. Germany’s We Are Dust closes the deal with their ‘Egg Shaped Cubicles, ‘Big Das Mosaik Zerfällt’ and ‘The Serpent. The Wolf. The Lamb’. The first few pre-orders of the tape come with an exclusive promo version of WAD’s new full album for free.

Yards / Rites / We Are Dust / Astrid Lindgren – 4-way ‘Age of Punkrock’ split (tape, ltd. to 100. 50 green available via Smithsfoodgroup DIY, 50 blue available via LTD Records)

Stream the full cassette on Punktastic.

Artwork by DNZ-Artworks. First few pre-orders come with a poster of the front art’s Silver Surfer.

Only 3 copies left in store at time of posting, get one here.


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