Hands up if you’ve seen posts about a shitty bands shit behaviour on your social media during the past weeks. Slaughter To Prevail is the latest addition to this trend, after which Doomstar Bookings canceled the full upcoming Euro tour. If you’re “just here for the music”, tag along, but I think associating yourself with nazis is a little worse than associating yourself with toasties or dogs or whatever your regular friends like.

Fully back the decision to ban the band- yet double standards are met again. There’s often “no issue” with booking, or attending shows of, bands such as Emmure, I Declare War, Herder, Blind Justice and what not. The first two have printed pretty sexist / downright violent shirts, while the third uses gayslurs on stage and refuses to play nice with venue crew and the fourth does this whole nazi greeting thing during shows. Not to even mention fucked up shit between bandmembers and underage OR overwhelmed fans. It’s like nothing’s wrong, until the shit hits the fan so bad you’ve got to pull out to save your own face. Who cares about whining minorities* when the music’s cool, right?

Now there’s platforms where a “who listens to those bands anyway… I only listen to bands with less than 30 followers…”-mentality rules, who don’t give a fuck about popularized genres such as metalcore, deathcore and yes, some shapes of hardcore, but that’s not us. I’m sorry if you’re only here for the obscure stuff. We’re good on the small bands side, got that pretty much covered, what we as a scene need is a BIG fist in the face of EVERY type of discrimination. Whether personal or by association. It’s high time we bring our good guy mentality to the big crowd.

Spread this if you like and get off of your high horses. Plenty of fun bands around who aren’t assholes.

– Maartje

*Yeahhh… Women in heavy music are a minority. Also double yeah… I’m glaring at all your bandmembers who walk past me in venues without a word, because promoting heavy music can apparantly only be done by dudes

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