I wrote about Brand New’s Deja Entendu and The Ataris’ So Long, Astoria for a feature for ATP about albums turning 10 this year which should 400% be taken on tour.

“If you went through your teenage growing pains without Deja Entendu, I feel bad for you now, bro. It was – still is – the manual on‘The Art of Growing Up’; love, loss, sex, selfishness, insecurity, arrogance and everything in between that comes hand in hand with the overwhelming self-consciousness that begins in your pre-teens and continues pretty much forever.

Like so many others who hit high school with the turn of the millennium, this record is intrinsically woven into memories of my adolescence, and with that comes a wistful montage of sickly clichés; For what felt like years it was the soundtrack to every sleepover, the noise that poured from the windows at every house party, the lamentable life-lesson learned by that one friend who drank so much before the Brand New show in ’04 she fell asleep inside the venue and missed their whole set…”

Read in full here.

(Sexy gif made by this person)

As many of you do, I have a small list of bands which I call ‘my favorite band’. Brand New is number one every single time. First band to tell a whole lot of people that it’s okay to feel bad- it’s what most people do most a lot of their days.

On a weird note, I have 8:45  inked on my collarbone for two years now as an ode to ‘Jude Law And A Semester Abroad’.


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