Januari 22, 2012

The wind is howling around the house. I am at my parents’ place, deep in the South West of the Netherlands. We’ve just celebrated three birthdays and I had a bit of a discussion with my grandmum. I’ve been raised a Christian and she’s pretty hardcore. I respect how it gives her faith. If it helps her through life, I am not the one to judge. Recently she’s often telling me to find back my faith. To pray and attend church again. Additionally, we had a bit of a conversation on homosexuality. She is respectful to everything and has never expressed problems with the way I spend my life. Today my grandmum chatted on about how she feels like same sex partners should not be able to marry in front of God. This struck me as she basically says “we” should become Christian, but not enjoy the same liberties as Christians. I know she means well. This is why even in the most liberated nations, groups speaking up for the rights and full acceptance of LGBTs are still necessary. Even to this date.

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